Canada Day 2013

Canada Day 2013This is one of a series of ten photographs, you can view the rest at Rakmil Photography

For Canada Day: a proud flag, a Massey Harris Tractor and an almost endless landscape.

This is one of a series photographs on farmlands that were taken over two days.  A bit of cloud in the sky sure makes a difference.

In the course of this we stayed on public roads, disturbed no people or animals. The lack of people to talk to was a pity because my hope was to engage a farmer and get access to a farm.

In terms of a learning curve, this was my first time using Neutral Density (ND) Filters. They help balance the light between the bright sky and dark foreground, one half of the filter is darker than the other. They come in various densities, 1, 2, or 3 stops etc. You can create the effect in software, but the results are sometimes unrealistic. I am not yet sure I have the hang of the filters. The system is a bit unwieldy. So its a tradeoff between indoors at the keyboard or outside in the fresh air balancing filters, filter holder and camera. Currently I am voting for fresh air, warm not too hot, no rain with a slight cloud cover!

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