Texture of the Path

Textureof the PathTo view more of my photography please click on www.rakmilphotography.com

It’s easy to see the forest and miss the trees especially when you have a camera to your eye. It’s a little like all things digital, as our eyes are fixed on the screen we miss other things around us. I put my camera away for a time because of this feeling of missing out, not smelling the roses; I still have to remind myself about balance. On days with no pictures, I can say well at least it was a pleasant walk. I had hoped to do more landscapes this year, but weather and opportunity have intervened. Even in landscape photography, we can miss the bigger picture as we find the smaller points we need to anchor our larger image. Walking down a path I saw this curtain of greenery and it struck me that it was a large part of the texture that makes the walks so pleasant.

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