Goldenrod Soldier Beetles (Three Photographs) and a word about contrast

Goldenriod Soldier BeetlesTo view more of my photography please click on

These goldenrod soldier beetles were not on goldenrod when I shot them. As much as you read about excellent insect camouflage there are times you have to wonder. On goldenrod these creatures would pretty much disappear. Contrast generally refers to the differences between tones and light but it can mean many other things in photography. There can be contrast between colors, contrast between shadows and highlights, contrast between background and foreground. Contrast does two things: it makes your subject and it’s details standout and generally keeps your photograph from looking washed out with the blacks faded to gray. These shots are examples of color contrast with respect to background and other elements in the photograph. In this case contrast has not helped the detail of the face and there is little or no shadow to break up the back. On the other hand it does give this beetle a fearsome look.

Goldenriod Soldier Beetles-2

Goldenriod Soldier Beetles-3

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