The Minor and the Mundane (Three Photographs)

The Minor and the MundaneTo view more of my photography please click on

One of these Geese is tagged and another has a feather in its beak, all the photos were edited and tonality and luminescence changes were made. I have left the tag and feather because they add a little authenticity and do not grab attention. These are the minor things that photographers think about in processing, i.e. these editing changes could disqualify you from many contests etc. We all need to think about what is necessary. From the beginning of photography, processing has been part of the art so taking it out of the equation completely is, in my view, wrong. Good photographers capture the world around them regardless of where they are. So to take these photographs of common Geese as an example they are at the same time mundane and interesting.

The Minor and the Mundane-3

The Minor and the Mundane-2

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    February 28, 2016 at 8:04 am

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