Caution (Four Photographs)

sparrowTo view more of my photography please click on

The sparrow is wary; it’s prey to many other animals that would rather eat it than listen to its song. Caution is not a bad thing; humans still have a vestige of the fight or flee instinct. The vast amount of information available to us is a wonder. But caution alone should tell us it’s not all true. When we read reviews of cameras and lenses, often someone is selling us on something; maybe because they are a fan of a certain brand. An open mind and a bit of skepticism are antidotes. Sometimes a certain approach to a kind of photography is suggested and it may be worth looking into but in the end we each have our own tastes and style. Developing and nurturing style is one thing, but as in all things in life being told it’s this way or the highway is another.





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