Aperture: Final Comments and a Great Blue Heron (Two Photographs)

great-blue-heronTo view more of my photography please click on www.rakmilphotography.com

This is the same photograph done two ways, taken at F7.1 (cropped sensor F10). It’s impossible to focus solely on aperture without considering the other aspects of exposure, shutter-speed and ISO. To get a sharp photography your shutter-speed should be equal to the length of your lens (e.g. 300mm means 1/300th of a second). Some will say that too should be multiplied by the size factor of the sensor (for a Nikon cropped sensor of 1.5 the shutter-speed would be 1/450th of a second). Using a small aperture and high shutter-speed almost always means raising the ISO. I hope this explanation of aperture mode over the last few posts has been helpful. At first it’s a bit confusing and I have used nature photographs to make some general points. While manual mode may be the tried and true way of learning basic photography, for nature photography aperture mode may be the best solution.


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