Through A Window (Two Photographs)

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I was once told that photography is like looking through a small window. There are different ways to interpret this. “Cameras give us tunnel vision and we miss the larger picture”, is perhaps not the kindest interpretation. Another might be an analogy with framing. Certainly many photographers are accused of being obsessed by viewing things though a camera lens, even when not holding a camera. I recall years ago cinematographers and photographers had a gizmo they held to their eye to frame what they saw with different lenses and apertures. It saved them from spending money on film and allowed some experimentation. Some just created a square with four fingers to visualize what they wanted in the frame. I still think the two interpretations apply. It’s part of the photographic eye. I plead guilty as charged, I would prefer not to get overwhelmed by what I see but see it in manageable digestible details.


5 responses

  1. Ohh, I love this.


    March 7, 2017 at 6:20 am

  2. I fear that I am equally guilty. I enjoy using my telephoto and macro lenses so much that I sometimes have to almost force myself to think more widely and look at the “big picture.” Still, I think there is a real value in looking closely, for it helps us to uncover and share the details and the beauty that others often miss or take for granted. I know that I will often stumble onto a scene or object in daily life and wish I had my camera with me.


    March 7, 2017 at 7:32 am

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