Focused Detail (Three Photographs)

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An entirely out of focus photograph that has impact and makes a statement is not unknown. From everything being tact sharp to nothing in focus is quite a distance. We use selective focus in most cases to draw attention to a subject or part of a subject. I believe there is a third element to consider, selective focus as in the scenes here can be either chaotic, or make the photo interesting,. In saying that I think focus also has a certain emotional angle to it, with things sharp and clear our understanding is also clearer. So when things are in and out of focus, it may be disorienting, leaving an unsettling feeling.



2 responses

  1. All these photos point to the beauty in small things that often go unnoticed. The focus on these details brings them to the attention of those who would normally pass them by. It teaches them to SEE, and therefore offers great value.


    March 21, 2017 at 11:37 am

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