Wood Ducks (Four Photographs) and More on Black and White

wood-ducks-4To view more of my photography please click on www.rakmilphotography.com

Someone is bound to say that wood ducks are colorful and should be seen in color, so I left the color version in the post. In the days of film when shooting B&W, photographers would put color filters in front of their lenses to affect how color contrast showed up on film, For example, if you wanted a dark sky you placed a red filter on the camera and the sky would turn darker. In B&W conversion software we have the same ability to apply color software filters (only now because you can see the effect we do not have to memorize what each filter does). So in the first B&W shot  a yellow filter brightened the background and in the second,I used an orange filter that highlighted the eyes and beak . In my experience experimenting with these filters as a starting point is the most important step in the conversion to B&W. That we can apply filters in post may or may not be an improvement over the days of film, but it certainly makes digital B&W very versatile.








2 responses

  1. Nitin Khanna

    Excellent Picture i must say. Even as an photographer i can understand how much it is important to make every picture creative that you capture specially when it comes to wildlife . Even i started photography to inspire others and for helping them so that they can raise themselves as an photographer. You can have a look on my work at http://www.nitinkhanna.net/ and let me have feedback for my work.


    March 23, 2017 at 9:48 am

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