Simple, Not (Two Photographs)

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I have always liked minimalist art and photography, the solitary tree on the hill for example. But the closer I get to things in nature the more complex I realize they are. In photography there is an expression “the photographer’s eye” which is the idea that the photographer captures that instant in time and a subject in a way that is unique to them. With digital photography we may need to revise that definition to reflect the idea that photography goes beyond the capture to the edit. In the same vein as the “photographer’s eye” is the concept that “photographs should speak for themselves”. I wrote about this some time ago and it was misunderstood to mean, and I simplify here, that photos should not be captioned. Photographs speak for themselves when they have artistic or emotional impact and raise interest and thought. But we all speak our own language when it comes to interpreting the visual world around us. Nothing is simple, not even a spray of grass.

2 responses

  1. Interestingly, I find myself captioning to expand the image. The image has a particular meaning to me which is important and I prefer to ‘coax’ the viewer into that space. But, I keep the caption minimal so that the viewer can chose to ignore it. Nothing is simple.

    The more I get into macro photography the more wondrous and complex I see what at first appear to be simple or even mundane. Especially when photographing natural things, the deeper you go, the ore wondrous it is. I could draw all sorts of parallels to this observation.

    You’ve put a good thought provoker out with this post.


    May 1, 2017 at 5:11 pm

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