Macro – Damselflies – Detail and Post Processing (Part Two) -Two Photographs

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The mating damselflies illustrate some things that happen when shooting insects close-up. Their eyes are liquid filled and hard to focus on, regardless of the lighting you can get specular highlights. In the case of the mating damselflies, the rainbow colours up the spine of one of the damselflies is light reflected off of dust and pollen. Lastly, and this gets to detail on the same photo, the small orange dot is a parasite, and is hard to see with the naked eye.

Macro and close up post processing: when we push our sensors to high ISOs, depending on the camera we often get noise. This is a result of the sensor trying to pull as much detail as it can from the light it is receiving. Noise makes the picture look muddy and hence less sharp and detail is lost. Noise reduction software if not carefully used can get rid of noise at the expense of detail. This is one reason there are popular third-party plug-in software packages to address noise, most of them make getting this balance easier.

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