Macro: Some Flowers and a Few Words on Lenses (Three Photographs)

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These leaves are a kind of photograph, call it almost abstract, that I hope makes the point that creativity can mean breaking rules, including that not everything needs to be sharp.

Macro and close up photography: a lot of what I have said applies to all photography and this post will be about some everyday myths. Manufacturers often tell you that a cropped sensor camera magnifies the lens, that a 60mm is identical to a 120mm lens. The truth is the angle of view is the same, the magnification is not. The 60mm lens remains a 60 mm lens in terms of magnification. In addition to thinking about how far a lens will enable you to see (telephoto) or how wide the view is (wide-angle lens), think about how close you can shoot. Some wide angles can focus on subjects so close the front glass almost touches the subject, while some telephoto lenses require you to be meters or many feet away. So yes you can use both for close up/macro photography, and I do. Knowing the capabilities of your lens or lenses will come in very handy over time.

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