No Hesitation (Three Photographs)

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Having spoken a bit about processing, it seems like a good idea to get back to the camera. Unless they are shots of random people in the street I never hesitate to “take the shot”. I hesitate with people only because I have no intention to annoy them so I want to make sure the photo is in fact candid and acceptable. If it is anything else I never hesitate, the moment I begin thinking about why rather than how, I lose the original idea that got me to bring the camera up to my eye. You can be sure not all of these shots survive my review and get processed. But more than enough do. Shoot first ask questions later, may not be a viable approach in everyday life, however, it is sometimes an appropriate approach in photography.

2 responses

  1. claireaperez

    Great point…I am hesitating way too much


    February 1, 2018 at 7:46 am

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