Leaves and a Word on Aperture (Two Photographs)

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Recently there was a poll on-line about what confused people most about photography and where they would appreciate help. It will come as no surprise that the top issue was aperture. What Boffin of the optical world decided that a small aperture is 16 and a large aperture is 2.8. How is it that the closer you get the shallower the focus and vice versa and that focusing on a scientifically calculated focus point in a landscape will make everything in focus from just in front of the camera to infinity. Or that while your lens may permit an aperture higher than 16, that it is likely to lead to diffraction and a softer photograph. And why apertures are different depending on sensor size. Why do certain apertures work better in general and others for specific subjects. The simple explanation of aperture and F Stops is that the lower the number the more light is let in but the less of what is in front of the camera is in focus, the opposite is true for larger numbers. As they say, master aperture and you will be well on the way to having mastered your camera. Simple explanations of what this means and giving a few rules of thumb is going to be the subject of my next few posts.

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  1. Pat

    Good! Looking forward to it.

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    February 7, 2018 at 12:35 pm

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