Geese and Aperture (Three Photographs)

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A few common rules of thumb for working with aperture (I for one will never understand the science so we won’t go there). These photos were taken at F8, the shutter speed could have been a touch higher. Why F8? I was shooting with a lens whose widest aperture is F5.6 and any lens is just slightly better one F stop up from the minimum. It’s not a rule I shoot with this lens at 5.6, and my 70-200 at 2.8. But for the best quality one or two stops up improves quality. Having talked about F8, you should know that it is the subject of legend, “F8 and be there” was the slogan for street and photojournalists using a 35mm lens, it just happens to be on most cameras and lenses the sweet spot where almost everything is in focus. When in doubt shoot with an F stop that is above the minimum (widest F Stop) on your lens, or even better do some tests with your lenses and find the sweet spot. When it comes to birds, or objects far away, a smaller aperture often works, the depth of field mattering much less than one would think the farther away your subject. Limited depth of field when shooting up close will be covered in another post.

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  1. Victor, thank you for the insightful information.


    February 9, 2018 at 1:05 am

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