Landscape and Fourth Article on Exposure (Three Photographs)

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Some fall shots I took before things turned bleak.

If your camera is in auto mode (P mode), the camera choses shutter and aperture and possibly ISO. Using any other mode we have greater control over exposure. As noted in a previous post the camera is not a perfect light meter but it does have some tools we can use, I mentioned the different metering options like spot and centre-weighted.  Spot metering is useful to get a reading off of heavily backlit subjects, and to ensure the subject is properly exposed. It also risks blowing out the background (over brightening or losing all detail). Centre-weighted metering is also good for back-lit subjects and can help avoid blown out backgrounds. The whole area mode in modern cameras uses a computer to judge the scene and give you the best advice. Because every camera is different you need to try these options for yourself. Try lots of different light situations and subjects and you will have a good idea of what works for you.On my Nikon I use the general and spot most often, and very infrequently centre-weighted.

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