Daft Flowers and a Sixth Article on Exposure (Three Photographs)

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Sometimes you want your backgrounds a bit blown out, and I think without a bit of this these daft flowers would not be as interesting.

Most cameras provide a means to look at a histogram of the scene. Mirror-less cameras and cameras with electronic view finders (EVF) can put this in the view finder. On a DSLR most often you only get to see the histogram in review mode. Tests shots help you select the best exposure in circumstances where you might not be able to chimp (review your shots on the back LCD). You could shoot in live view (something I very rarely use outdoors but can be useful to judge exposure). Most experts will tell you that the histogram is one of the better tools. If the histogram shows a line going up the right hand side, something is under exposed, and on the left it means its too bright no detail. Ideally we are told a bell curve, where the line touches each wall and rises toward the top in the middle is the best histogram. Unfortunately a perfect bell curve is rare and while the histogram is illustrating the light from darker to lightest, the middle ground can be harder to interpret. While the blinkies (see previous post) will alert you to burnt out highlights, the histogram is great for seeing under exposure in the shadows.

2 responses

  1. I never thought to take pictures of flowers after their best days are over, yet they are still beautiful.


    March 17, 2018 at 4:45 pm

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