A Plant and a Ninth Article on Exposure (Two Photographs)

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Does exposure change for Black and White? Contrast matters in black and white and to the degree the light and subject have sufficient contrast the exposure is governed by all the same things as in colour.

Auto Exposure Balance (AEB) and a bit on White Balance. One trick I know professionals use is to bracket their exposures. Most DSLRs have this option. What you can do with this function is set the camera to shoot one stop below and one above, in addition to what the camera suggests is the best exposure e.g F4, F5.6, F8 (and if one of those is not perfect you can blend the three exposures in post production).At best one will get one exposure that is workable.  The white balance (WB) setting on your camera deals with color. The wrong WB could push the brightness of your shot either way and effect what will be seen as exposure. Proper white balance is a good step to take to get exposure right. Auto WB is great on camera and most processing applications have a tool to correct or fine tune WB, assuming you are shooting Raw; if you are shooting JPG then white balance captured by the camera is fixed. White balance is best addressed in the colour version of your Raw photograph.

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