Tulip and and Eleventh Article on Exposure (Two Photographs)

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Sometimes tulips are tough to photograph as the colours are outside of the range/gamut of the screen and software, meaning you can get weird results. Hopefully I have cured most of the issues. Had the flowers been in shadow or in a softer light, I might have had an easier time in post-processing.

Exposing to the left and right. Left and right here refers to the histogram, but we can just as well substitute the words bright and dark. The closer you are to the right of a histogram (bright side), the more detail your camera captures. The further to the left the more shadow (too far in either direction and you lose detail, especially on the right where it will be most noticeable). This is where the expression shooting to the right comes from. Now clearly it is easier to expose intentionally to the right when shooting static images and you check the histogram, or in camera with an EVF that shows the histogram. It‘s harder to do but not impossible, when you are on the move shooting birds. It’s also best to use the lowest possible ISO when doing this. Shooting to the left can give you rich shadows and better blacks, and make a bright subject stand-out (assuming you can fix the noise). There is quite a debate over these techniques, with some people preferring to under expose their photos to be able to manage the brights in post-processing then pushing to the right and risking loss of data if you miscalculate. In short expose to the right when you can.

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