Not Aztec Pottery (Three Photographs)

I have been fascinated with macro photography for a long time now. I wanted to move on to Microscope Photography, but that seemed a little ambitious. I have a Laowa 2.5-5x lens and I have found even with an adapter (Nikon to Fuji) it is excellent. However, the suggestion from experts I have read is that one should use microscope lenses above 3X. Last year I invested in Wemacro’s focusing rail, and was using the Laowa and some Nikon bellows. I got some good shots as some of you will have seen. I have since added Wemacro’s tube lens and added 4X and 10x microscope lenses to the mix. The photos you see here at 4x life using a microscope lens are of a circuit board from an old hard drive. It’s one way of getting very nice abstract photographs. More to come.



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