Mood Part 2 (Two Photographs)

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On a day when the clouds were taking their time deciding to rain, I got these two shots within a few feet of each other. I wanted to make the point that mood is not just a factor of black and white but also color. I was looking for a London fog look (but not with a preset). I just took advantage of the light and a slightly lower exposure. Both photos while slightly edited, are essentially out of camera.

The Seven “Sins” of Photographers


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It is wonderful writing about something you have a passion for (translation: obsession). So it will come as no surprise to see a somewhat satirical post on the seven “sins” of photographers (not including obsession) not a few of which the author is himself guilty of.

  • The sin of restraint, wherein we continue to believe that there is a cost per click, rather than taking all the possible angles of a shot and ensuring we make the photograph we want.
  • The sin of lost perspective, wherein every shot is taken with the hubris of our own eye level without testing all the angles and perspectives.
  • The sin of misplaced emphasis, going overboard on the latest technique rather than adapting and seeking our own style.
  • The sin of omission, forgetting to take a camera with you whenever and wherever you go.
  • The sin of illiteracy, not reading the manual, not being on a consistent and constant learning path.
  • The sin of self-doubt, not sharing your work, getting criticism and learning from it.
  • The sin of tunnel vision, not trying new things.

Now that probably only touches the highlights of how we can misuse our carefully chosen camera and lenses, but you get the drift.

A Nod to Nature


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The Blues Shine Through


David Maxwell

A Great Blues Pianist

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A Modest Car


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Signs of Popular Culture


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