Mural and HDR (Two Photographs)

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Some of my more useful software is dated and will not be continued. Instead I am trying out Luminar 2018 and Aurora HDR 2018 as my external editors for Lightroom and Photoshop. Luminar does a fine black and white. In my view Noiseless CK was a great program and should have been integrated in Luminar, as well as some of the filters from Intensity CK. But things change. In these photos cropping and perspective adjustments were done in Lightroom. Five shots one stop apart, two either side of the metered recommendation were taken into Aurora HDR. Minor tweaks made to make sure of no ghosting, no chromatic aberration, then into Luminar to adjust contrast, back to Lightroom for export. As a process it works well, though you may end up with more copies of a photo than you would want and too many programs open simultaneously. Still the results met my expectations. I will be trying this again on something other than wall art.

Welcome to the Party (Two Photographs)

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There was a point made about street photography, which was that the best photographs make the viewer think (or put another way imagine). In this photograph I used a technique that spotlighted the highlighted main player. Discovering all the odd places right at home is fun in itself, getting the photo to speak is also wonderful.

The Narrows (Two Photographs)

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I came across these two spaces on my walks about town, I cannot imagine why someone would go to the trouble of painting this in this kind of location but I am glad they did. Dark colour-less passages are the last thing this city needs.WordPress Reader does not seem to appreciate that photographs come in many different formats, not least of which is Portrait. It seems to have a penchant for landscape photography, strange but true. If you have trouble viewing these please go to my website.



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