Special Effects (Three Photographs)

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My objective here was to create two black and white landscapes with a slight etched-like look. Technical details: I intensified the colors and contrast using neutral density filters in Lightroom (reducing the exposure and/or opening up shadows), before taking these into my black and white software (Tonality CK) where I emphasized the greens and added a little glow. The original overblown color version of one is included.


Balance in Photography (Two Photographs)

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Here is an explanation I found by googling balance in photography (no author was named)

“Compositional balance refers to the placement of the elements of art (color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value) in relation to each other. When balanced, a composition appears more stable and visually pleasing.”

My problem with this is the visually pleasing part. Balance and stability are just additional elements of a photograph that might have impact on the viewer and create interest.

I Should Get a T-Shirt… (Two Photographs)

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I should get a t-shirt that says I went on a long drive down dirt roads and all I got were these two photographs. One of these days I will do some photography on a farm but until then the dirt roads are great for old barns, landscapes, the occasional bird and insect. I would like to do more but the results have most recently been hit and miss. They say photography has a long learning curve that never ends. I can see that in my own work. What they don’t say quite as often as they should is that along the way are disappointments and frustrations. So a couple of good shots make my day. 

Windows in Black and White (Two Photographs)

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On Tuesday I posted some windows in color, here are two of them in B&W. I think there is more atmosphere in these monochrome photos, not surprising as I took them in B&W. I have been reading more about why shooting in black and white mode on your camera helps with exposure and color. It’s easier to get lighting and shadows where you want them in black and white because you can see them more clearly. Converted to color these details enhance the overall depth of the photo.

Finding Expression (Three Photographs)

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Artists’ statements are not my thing. Why this not that, why now not then, why there not here. I always figure if you have to explain art it’s too complicated and the connection with the audience is lost. These photos make my case. I went out thinking I might do one thing and found myself in a park with a narrow view of the river. I saw something in the view through the willows that reminded me of old paintings. Sufficient reason in my mind to take a few shots, but as explanations go it would not fill a paragraph in a formal artistic statement. More important than any written statement in my view is the impact on those who look at my work as well as my own pleasure in the craft.

Parliament Hill (Two Photographs)

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This is probably the most photographed place in Ottawa, so I thought I would have some fun adding a bit of a foreboding mood to the shots. It is not my intention to be cynical simply creative. I am sure the denizens of the Hill can take a little foreboding. What with all that’s going on they may even be past that.

Nobody Buys Black and White Postcards… (Two Photographs)

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In antique shops they sell old black and white postcards, sometimes used. But on the postcard racks in tourist shops I have not seen black and white postcards for some time. I have seen some greeting cards and some clearly colorized black and white postcards, but no scenic black and whites. One can guess they began disappearing when color was cost effective. In my view many of the more scenic postcards would look better in black and white.