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L’Odyssée is the name of this work. I find it amusing. It’s in a park off a main street, facing a hotel that is linked to several government buildings. The photography was straight forward B&W. The artist duo Cooke-Sasseville describe this work below. I have had a chance to look at more of their work on-line and I like the whimsy. This work also makes for some great photography opportunities.

“A park is taken over by three oversized pigeons eyeing a Campbell’s soup can… These birds give the impression of not understanding how to open the can or not knowing that it contains a large amount of food. A reference to pop art and Andy Warhol, The Odyssey becomes the representation of the perceived impenetrable world for which contemporary art is often criticized.”

Mood Part 2 (Two Photographs)

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On a day when the clouds were taking their time deciding to rain, I got these two shots within a few feet of each other. I wanted to make the point that mood is not just a factor of black and white but also color. I was looking for a London fog look (but not with a preset). I just took advantage of the light and a slightly lower exposure. Both photos while slightly edited, are essentially out of camera.

Relax (Two Photographs)

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In institutions like hospitals the walls are covered in posters often about things you would rather not know anything about. Any photographs put up to make the environment pleasant remind me of the faded photos outside of fish and chips shops which make a feeble if any attempt to illustrate the wares within. What’s wrong with a few soft, gentle photos to help the mood a bit? If I have to sit and stare at something why can’t it be a bit whimsical? Thank goodness for the occasional window!



A Painting of A Cow (Two Photographs)

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This photograph is of the side of an art gallery I took with my Fuji XT-2. I am hard pressed to decide between the two versions. We are often faced with a blown out sky. Sometimes reducing the highlights gets back  a hint of blue,  maybe not a perfect blue but some blue. The important decision is about what kind of background you like and with some things a white background/white sky is the best option. For mood a more atmospheric background helps. The color version above is in fact a muted one shot HDR.