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Macro: Not Urbex (Three Photographs)

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Urbex photography is photography of the insides of abandoned building and factories, and while these are abandoned buildings, they don’t meet the definition of urbex. Some things that are key to macro/close-up photography apply to all photography. Getting detail in photographs is one of those things. We get detail with a steady camera, appropriate shutter-speed (or artificial light) and sharpening in post-processing. While books have been written on at least two of theses subjects, there are some simple basics I will cover in upcoming posts.

Dragonflies -2013

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Dragonflies are a popular subject for photographers. I have seen photographs of them taken in mid-air and I was most impressed and hope to capture some myself. Dragonflies like damselflies will often take off when approached only to return to the same spot or nearby. They are also sluggish early or late in the day as they cool down and need to rest for long in the sun. So getting close is not too hard. They are very much like drones with finely tuned eyes, instincts, and flying abilities. Their paths intersect with their prey and it is quite something to watch. I have just posted my 2013 gallery of Dragonfly photographs to SmugMug. Hope you like them.