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Sometimes fences are a good idea.

A Dog in a Window (Two Photographs)

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Dogs staring out of car windows are often amusing. This time I saw a hint of dignity. Taken with an XT-2 and 50-140 at 140mm. Mirror-less cameras are the future. It’s not because of the weight so much as what you see is what you get, given the electronic viewfinder. With F 2.8 zoom lenses like the one I used here the camera has heft and this telephoto is  a foot or about a third of a meter long with the hood on. Also note that at 140mm, this is a medium telephoto, the angle of view is 210mm. I would compare it to a full frame 135mm lens at that length. A nice walk around lens.

Dogs and Some Comments (Three Photographs)

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The best advice I was ever given on photography was to make more photographs. Emphasis on make. But from that advice came my habit of walking around with a camera whenever I could or was comfortable to do so and trying not to get to stuck on a specific subject. Over the years, while I have narrowed my subjects I never avoid an opportunity to take new or different things. I found these dogs on my walks around town, the shots were taken in B&W on my Fuji and processed in color and one filtered back to B&W. In the shot with a bicycle some errant feet were removed.

Nothing but good news

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Sad as this photograph looks it is not. One June weekend many institutions in our area opened their doors to visitors. One of them was the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind National Training Centre. I went fully expecting to take a lot of photographs, but the shows and displays and even people did not inspire me as much as their spirit, effort, words and of course the dogs. I took this photo at some astronomical ISO setting inside the kennels, and seconds later the place was filled with children and other visitors precluding more picture-taking. Wonderful place and wonderful dogs; it would be nice to go back on a quiet day and do a story but I am sure they have no need and I would only get in the way.

Dogs and the need for practice

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Dogs off leash are unpredictable, fast moving and make excellent subjects for practicing focusing and predicting movement.

Practice? Yes indeed, photography requires practice just like every other skill.

Photography is a craft and an art and it demands a minimum level of expertise. Each lens, body, niche (birding, macro, street, portrait) requires a specific skill set and knowledge of your camera’s ability.

Taking the time to practice and understanding your options is the key to successful photographs.


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I once saw a woman set up (in front of a big box grocery store) to take photographs of dogs and other pets. She had all sorts of props and backgrounds. I had no idea that this niche existed in professional photography.

Around where I live there are places set aside within nature reserves for off leash dogs. They are perfect places to get great dog photographs out in the open. Most dog owners are agreeable to this and the only problem may be that they want to be in the frame with their pooch…

You can always offer the owners your coordinates, and a copy of any good photographs.