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Just So (Two Photographs)

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Sometimes I come across subjects that are just right and my job seems to be to make sure that I capture them just so. Now most photos need some noise reduction and sharpening, maybe an adjustment to shadows. Our eyes don’t see this in the field. These minor touches bring the subject back to the way our eyes with their incredible resolution and dynamic range of light, saw it.

Mushrooms (Two Photographs)

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I have not taken many photographs of mushrooms and have no idea what these are. I took them with my Fuji when I was experimenting with the light meter and the flexibility of the raw files in processing. It takes time to get used to a new camera, especially the light meter. Even working with different Nikon cameras I find it takes a bit of time to get used to how they handle exposure.


Frogs (Three Photographs)

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There is a tiny little inlet off a muddy path we stop by when we’re at the lake. My wife and I have come to call it frog hollow as it’s well populated by frogs. I was particularly taken by the frogs whose heads were just above the water line. I was not aware that the frogs allowed insects (possibly water beetles) to use them as a resting place. You can see them in the third photo. Maybe next year, now that I know that the bugs are there I can keep an eye out and get photos of them with greater detail.



Tulips No.3 (Two Photographs)

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There is symmetry in nature and here I have tried to manage my composition to create some further symmetry. Not by any means perfect but then neither is the “rule of thirds”. Flowers, their backgrounds and shapes provide opportunity for creative composition. In my view it’s not just the flower that makes the photograph.

Tulips 3-2