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Errors (Three Photographs)

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I am calling these photographs errors, let’s just say happy errors. In the first I wanted to accentuate the distortions in the windows, as well as show the mural. I never noticed the light leak in the left top corner. Lens hoods are supposed to fix that. But I like it (by the way some software allows you to make your own light leak, but I have never tried that.) It’s as good a photo in black and white as in colour. The second shot was going to be just an abstract, but as I processed it, it became clear that someone had thrown paint at a mural of a moose. It’s amazing what the camera sees.

Street Art (Two Photographs)

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These two photographs could only be done in colour. The striking thing about them is the way in which the art stands out in spite of all the injurious things around it. I can only applaud the growth in quality street art, and the artists who work around all kinds of obstacles, while still managing great work. Most of the artwork I see does not last long before it is replaced by another piece of art.

More Windows More Detail (Three Photographs)

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I don’t think it makes any difference shooting in colour or black and white when it comes to urban detail, it’s a matter of preference. The graffiti is probably long gone, the junction box cleaned  and now coated in municipal art. The fleeting nature of the urban landscape is another thing that makes photos like these unique. When you read about emerging artists doing fine art photography or compositing, I think it’s their imagination and the uniqueness of their work that propels them into the spotlight. The urban landscape offers opportunity often missed by photographers.

Winter Defeats Me (Two Photographs)

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There was a time when I went out with double bags, extra batteries, and braved the cold and wet with my cameras. But this past winter defeated me, it was very cold, very snowy and when it wasn’t I was otherwise occupied. Over the years winters have not been my forte for any endeavour so I should not be surprised. As the weather tried to improve I took a few shots, such as these. All I can say is I admire those who venture into the arctic and brutal winters and come back with photos!

No Hesitation (Three Photographs)

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Having spoken a bit about processing, it seems like a good idea to get back to the camera. Unless they are shots of random people in the street I never hesitate to “take the shot”. I hesitate with people only because I have no intention to annoy them so I want to make sure the photo is in fact candid and acceptable. If it is anything else I never hesitate, the moment I begin thinking about why rather than how, I lose the original idea that got me to bring the camera up to my eye. You can be sure not all of these shots survive my review and get processed. But more than enough do. Shoot first ask questions later, may not be a viable approach in everyday life, however, it is sometimes an appropriate approach in photography.

Extravagant (Two Photographs)

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I am on the record for saying artists should select the level of latitude with which they are comfortable. In terms of post-processing if you want psychedelic colours that’s your prerogative. What is important is the intent. I think intent has a lot to do with personal style. In the first photo I wanted the foreground not be lost in what was a fairly complex shot, so my formatting and masks worked to make sure that area was highlighted or at least did not disappear. In the second the graffiti/art work was lost in all of the other things surrounding it, and processing in Luminar, Aurora HDR, and Tonality was driven by a desire to tone down the city elements surrounding the artwork.

The Narrows (Two Photographs)

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I came across these two spaces on my walks about town, I cannot imagine why someone would go to the trouble of painting this in this kind of location but I am glad they did. Dark colour-less passages are the last thing this city needs.WordPress Reader does not seem to appreciate that photographs come in many different formats, not least of which is Portrait. It seems to have a penchant for landscape photography, strange but true. If you have trouble viewing these please go to my website.

The Seven “Sins” of Photographers


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It is wonderful writing about something you have a passion for (translation: obsession). So it will come as no surprise to see a somewhat satirical post on the seven “sins” of photographers (not including obsession) not a few of which the author is himself guilty of.

  • The sin of restraint, wherein we continue to believe that there is a cost per click, rather than taking all the possible angles of a shot and ensuring we make the photograph we want.
  • The sin of lost perspective, wherein every shot is taken with the hubris of our own eye level without testing all the angles and perspectives.
  • The sin of misplaced emphasis, going overboard on the latest technique rather than adapting and seeking our own style.
  • The sin of omission, forgetting to take a camera with you whenever and wherever you go.
  • The sin of illiteracy, not reading the manual, not being on a consistent and constant learning path.
  • The sin of self-doubt, not sharing your work, getting criticism and learning from it.
  • The sin of tunnel vision, not trying new things.

Now that probably only touches the highlights of how we can misuse our carefully chosen camera and lenses, but you get the drift.

A Modest Car


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Signs of Popular Culture


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