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Stairs and Windows (Five Photographs)

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I was walking down this well-walked street of old mansions trying to get clear photos of the elements I was I interested in. I got a few odd looks; somehow I seemed more interesting than what I was shooting. People take things for granted. The reflections in the windows against the stark architecture looked like abstract paintings. At some point I may just focus on windows. These photos took more time than most to process, if only because there were many options on how to approach them. It took me some time to decide on how much detail, contrast, and the amount of color filtering to correct color casts.





The Nifty 50 (Four Photographs)

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A lot of photography articles talk about the “nifty 50”. A good 50mm prime lens is a joy to have. It has a host of uses, most importantly it mimics the optics of the eye. On a cropped sensor DSLR it’s angle of view may be cropped but it is still a 50mm lens. There is little or no magnification, or wide-angle distortion. Reversed it makes for a great macro lens (albeit a manual lens). More importantly they are inexpensive and a good way to learn to use prime lenses. My first photography kit was all prime lenses 28, 50, 135mm. The quality of most zoom lenses will not match a good prime lens, for technical reasons. More importantly, prime lenses force you to zoom with your feet, think more about composition and get closer to your subject. The discipline and constraints of a 50mm is one of the cornerstones, in my view, of learning photography. These photos were taken on a day when I had errands and was just walking down the street. I carry this lens when I go out for a city walk, as it’s compact lightweight and versatile.




A Touch of Local

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There is a lot of “photoshopping” here: removal of an electrical wire, removal of a blue trash can on the right, and some detail and other adjustments. When making adjustments like this I try to stay as natural as possible and only remove things that are distracting or otherwise mar the capture I was after. I had been by this place many times before but my photos were never quite right, every time I passed through I tried again. There is a story to the place, I have no idea what it is but I hope the photograph sparks a bit of thought.

Canadian Log

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It’s the maple leaves and feather that made this come alive for me. At a certain point in the year the wildlife retreats because of the changing climate and I begin looking for other things to photograph, like natural designs such as this “still life”.