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Bicycle in the Snow (Two Photographs)

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I was looking to photograph a bike in the snow, seemed like an easy task in late March. But as the pros will tell you the moment you go looking for something specific it‘s harder to find. As usual the snow had a slight blue tinge and the brick was duller than it should have been. Easy fixes. I prefer the black and white, it has the mood I was looking for.

Modern (Two Photographs)

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Two things about modern cities: they are always under construction and there is no end to leading lines. The first photograph is of the main post office building in downtown Ottawa. It was constructed in 1939 and is now undergoing renovations, like most of the better spots in Ottawa in honor of the 150th anniversary of Canada. The second photo taken a few blocks away is of a new condo/hotel hybrid only just completed. Leading lines are most often used to draw the viewer’s eye to a subject. They can come from any direction. What I think is lost in discussion about photographic elements like leading lines, is that geometric patterns in and of themselves are interesting. They may lead nowhere and leave the viewer with questions, or they can lead to a definite object deserving of attention. Both can work creatively to make an interesting photo.