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Heron Majesty

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I have taken a lot of photographs of Herons and more will appear on this blog. Around our way they are the king of birds and many people will spend hours chasing them or waiting for them to pose. There is a bit of “been there done that” when a subject is popular. I know some people who pass common subjects by thinking that every possible photograph of that subject has been taken. Creative photographs are still being taken of the Eiffel Tower. I think the challenge is in making it your own, taking the opportunity and seeing if you can do better. Just because you and a million others have photographed something does not therefore argue against trying. You might just catch that catfish you were looking for.

Environmental Portrait

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The most impressive of portraits are those that show subjects in their native environment. This applies to people as well as insects.

Recently I talked to a photographer who was interested in capturing insects and bugs in natural light.  As I had a flash on my camera it was hard to make the case that natural light is what I prefer.

When an animal poses we seldom if ever have the choice of light, the animal makes the choice.

Flash gives me smaller fstops, less worry about shake etc., but whenever I can shoot without it I do. Close up even a very small fstop gives only a short depth of field.

Bug in Battle with Flower

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I keep asking how to go about finding insects to photograph. I get two answers from entomologists, use a net or closely examine every plant and bush (even if you can’t see them they’re there). The net seems a bit extreme as far as I am concerned. The latter seems to work fairly well. Its complete happenstance if you get a good picture even with the best of equipment and techniques, as much depends on angle, perspective and the cooperation of the insect (several react by turning their backs even if they do not fly off).

I believe this is a black and red stinkbug, but given the angle of view experts would not be happy being asked to identify this bug.

Sometimes the context provides a frame. In the photograph above it looks like the flower is about to attack the stinkbug making for a nice composition and showing the insect in an interesting setting.