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Manikins (Three Photographs)

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Ona walk I saw these and took the shots with my Fuji XT-2. The photo above was taken in an antique shopat ISO 12500 (it would not look as good blown up). In addition I used Adobe Photoshop “select subject” and created a mask of the face, so I could lower the brightness of the background slightly. Two more of my “walk about” photographs.

Nature Still Life (Two Photographs) – and a link to my new Gallery of Farms

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I happened on this arrangement and have no idea how it came about, human or squirrel intervention seems possible. It was a short fall shooting season given my schedule and the weather, so one of my favorite fall pastimes of shooting the forest floor for more intimate landscapes was limited. I have tried this shot in color and black and white and I am showing the results simply to reveal the possibilities.

Natural Still Lie

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