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An Eighty-Four Degree Angle of View (Two Photographs)

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If you have a full frame camera, a 24mm lens has the angle of view of 84 degrees and with a 1.5 cropped sensor (like the Fuji XT-2), 16mm gives you the same angle of view. This is because the sensor on the XT-2 is half the size of a full frame camera. I make this point only because what matters is the angle of view and not the length of the lens when it comes to wide-angle lenses. For many years, 24mm was the standard wide-angle lens with the 20mm or 90 degrees angle of view considered a specialty lens and much more expensive. I took these photos with the Fuji 16mm lens. As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, the idea that you can get more subject and background into the picture close up is one benefit. Another is that you can use the periphery of the photo to capture a subject and be unobtrusive. The man walking never noticed the photo being taken, I was facing down the street. You can take landscape with any lens, including telephoto lenses; with a wide-angle of view, details in landscapes become smaller the further away you are.

Two Murals (Two Photographs)

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When it comes to prime lenses, the angle of view of a 24mm lens makes it one of my favorites. It gives a lot of room for maneuver. In an urban environment you capture great things in a tight space. Landscape photography is another great use of the lens. These were taken on a cold overcast day when I just wanted to test my new 16mm Fuji lens (which has the same angle of view as a full frame 24mm lens). There is nothing to dislike about this lens. Many kit lens are 18mm at their widest and it’s the least used element of the lens. Besides allowing you to shoot quite close, it’s a great exercise to force yourself to use an unusual focal length. Wide-angle lenses are a great tool to make sure your photos have context and framing.

Dynamic (Two Photographs)

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The statue is called Joy and it sits on a street that was long ago turned into a mall. The construction and for rent signs are only two of the obstacles to shoot around, during the weekday this downtown venue is packed, evenings and weekends not so much. It’s a space that it is hard to get clear shots. The statue is almost lost in those distractions so I chose a perspective that gave it some dynamism. The color version underline the issues I was trying to avoid and the black and white just works, but that’s my view.

Better Elsewhere (Two Photographs)

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At one time or another we all have that feeling that our photography would be better if we were somewhere exotic and different. I can vouch for the fact that travel is a boon for photography. When you walk the same streets everyday and it becomes mundane we don’t see the interesting or changing detail. I have taken to choosing a few neighborhoods and walking them several times in search of something that catches my eye. I also use prime lenses, shoot in black and white, and decide as I process the shots to go with the B&W or color. It may be the act of taking them in black and white that helps, it certainly is interesting, and I do see new things and new approaches.

Street Photography (Two Photographs)

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This could be a public service message about when to and when not to use a smart phone, however the man was crossing on a green light. Street photography is hard to explain and define in my view. It’s often defined as candid photography of people in public places, usually in black and white. On my SmugMug website I have used the term to capture street art, markets etc.; the architecture of the street as well as people. I know it’s a stretch and I may be convinced to change it. It is certainly easier to take street art and storefront reflections than photographs of people you don’t know. I’m getting my courage back and I will see where that takes me.

A Painting of A Cow (Two Photographs)

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This photograph is of the side of an art gallery I took with my Fuji XT-2. I am hard pressed to decide between the two versions. We are often faced with a blown out sky. Sometimes reducing the highlights gets back  a hint of blue,  maybe not a perfect blue but some blue. The important decision is about what kind of background you like and with some things a white background/white sky is the best option. For mood a more atmospheric background helps. The color version above is in fact a muted one shot HDR.




Peace Tower (Three Photographs)

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This is a piece of art near a major art gallery. The weather was threatening and these three photos show different ways in which I tried to bring the weather into play. The first a straightforward edit I simply reduced the highlights. The second color version was processed in Aurora HDR 2017, to give the weather and the whole picture a bit of a boost. The final B&W was done in Tonality Pro, and in this latter case I was able to exaggerate the weather and get more detail into the picture. I should also add this was taken with a Fuji XT-2, in this case the photo has not been cropped at all.