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Doorways (Two Photographs)

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Both taken in Montreal. Pulling out detail and using contrast has made these photos a bit gritty, reflecting how I remember the scene and neighbourhood. Once again hard to find straight lines for some shots like these.

P. S. Today is the start of the eighth year of this blog!


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I was walking down the street and saw this sculpture. (I couldn’t find the plaque indicating who did it, so I apologize for not naming it). I took two sets of photos of this, one the first view you see here and another that simply did not capture the shadow as dramatically. I like the statue but I like it more with the shadow as shown here.

Wall Art (Two Photographs)

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More from Montreal. These pieces of art stand alone and speak for themselves. In photographing them, I left a margin of context in both, and transformed one into black and white. Conceivably next week they may be painted over as wall art tends to be transitory. So from my perspective these photos are a sort of record.

Montreal Windows (Three Photographs)

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Even with a 16mm lens it was hard to get a straight shot at these windows. Montreal is full of small details worthy of a photograph or two. My wife and I based ourselves on the Main (St. Laurent Boulevard) and worked the streets and alley ways in an area we had not looked at in a while. We will have to go back.

Murals (Two Photographs)

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I was recently in Montreal, walking about taking photographs I came across this development and saw these murals. They are definitely out-of-the-way and off the main streets. Besides showing pride in community, at least one of the murals may show what the neighborhood looked like before modern developers arrived. I have tried in both photos to place the murals in context and not just show the murals alone.

Antique Shop Reflection (Two Photographs)

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I have taken photographs of the windows of antique shops ever since I got my first camera. I even had a few published back when in Italy. There are two sides to these photos, the first is thanks to whomever put the display together and the other is what I bring to them. There was a distracting bit of ceiling and I removed it. The top and bottom lighting needed fixing and I used neutral density filters in Lightroom. In the black and white I did not want the statue to get too ethereal. Two different visions from one shot of an impressive assortment of hand-me-downs.

Just Another Wall (and a new Gallery)

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I am an avid reader of everything photographic; I take a lot of it with a grain of salt, especially when the aim is to sell something. Many articles write about what to do if you cannot think of anything to photograph. It’s often described like writer’s block. I think many of the suggestions to cure the problem are excellent like going for a walk and taking pictures of anything of a specific color, or a photo every twenty feet. Photography is about seeing things and being curious and some days you will see nothing worth the effort. Photographs are inspired, something catches our eye and we work with it. That is not going to happen every day. Some days we just hit a wall.



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From Dolls and Mannequins


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The Seven “Sins” of Photographers


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It is wonderful writing about something you have a passion for (translation: obsession). So it will come as no surprise to see a somewhat satirical post on the seven “sins” of photographers (not including obsession) not a few of which the author is himself guilty of.

  • The sin of restraint, wherein we continue to believe that there is a cost per click, rather than taking all the possible angles of a shot and ensuring we make the photograph we want.
  • The sin of lost perspective, wherein every shot is taken with the hubris of our own eye level without testing all the angles and perspectives.
  • The sin of misplaced emphasis, going overboard on the latest technique rather than adapting and seeking our own style.
  • The sin of omission, forgetting to take a camera with you whenever and wherever you go.
  • The sin of illiteracy, not reading the manual, not being on a consistent and constant learning path.
  • The sin of self-doubt, not sharing your work, getting criticism and learning from it.
  • The sin of tunnel vision, not trying new things.

Now that probably only touches the highlights of how we can misuse our carefully chosen camera and lenses, but you get the drift.

A Modest Car


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Signs of Popular Culture


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