Wood Duck Face to Face (Two Photographs)

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The body language speaks to the strength of this bird. My post processing was intended only to make sure that nothing distracted from that body language while maintaining some context. This guided my cropping and detailing.

WoodDuck Face to Face-2


Fall Tableau (2) and a word about rules

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I have often read about how ill-advised it is to shoot straight down. While I have a problem with general admonitions about positioning and perspective, I can see why rules may sometimes be necessary. My argument is that rules should not deter anyone who feels the need to break them. I don’t need to name the authors who chose to ignore punctuation, or who wrote stream of thought without consideration for grammar. Unlike language, the visual arts like photography need no common grammar to ensure accurate communication; what they do require is emotional impact, interest etc. to gain attention.


Belted Kingfisher

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Kingfishers are one of those birds that do not sit still for long. They have a wonderful song and can fly at high speed. I cannot count the times I have heard a Kingfisher but never saw the bird. This specimen was a little more cooperative, flying onto a rock, looking up at the tree and then settling into the tree where you see it. It was like it was pointing me to where it would be next, even if it was only for an instant.

Lingering Fall

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We usually have a short fall, far too short. This year the temperatures were up and until the strong winds started, more leaves stayed on the trees for longer. I took a lot of this type of shot until one or two really came out the way I wanted them. The lighting can be tough and with more gray than blue in the sky, opportunities were not as frequent as one would have liked.

Great Light for a Bird (Two Photographs)

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This was taken in late fall in afternoon light, it’s probably the only thing I like about the late fall and the on-coming winter. The light is phenomenal, not quite back-lit but a sort of edge lighting that in these examples brings out the best in the bird.

Great Light for a Bird-2


Fall Tableau (and a word on critique versus criticism)

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This is another piece of found art in the forest. Like any photograph some will like it and some will not. There has been a lot of comment on the difference between criticism and critique. If the art form is something you love, you want to share your interest, ideas and foster it. Freely sharing ideas and techniques is about sharing the love of the art form and enabling people to have their own vision regardless of whether you agree with it or not. 


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In professional circles you hear a lot about headshots, corporate or otherwise. Some professionals love doing them, some hate that kind of work. There are a number of famous headshot photographers and their work is incredible. Over the years I have tried to find my own way in tackling different kinds of animal portraits.

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