Ducklings (Two Photographs)

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I selected these two photographs to publish because they showed the long flotillas of the ducking nursery. I suspect these ducklings are not all from the same family; last year we saw female wood ducks taking turns minding the ducklings.  Given the nature of the files these are pretty much out of camera (cropping, exposure adjustments and minor sharpening only). Noise reduction did not work as it smoothed out everything and my attempts at enhancing details just encouraged shiny highlights.





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I have a selection of photos of birds and insects that I am having trouble identifying. I suspect from my research that this is a weevil, a sort of beetle. I will be consulting the experts at Given the huge number of different types and families of beetles it is not surprising to have difficulty making precise identifications. That being said whatever it is, it is kind of cute for an insect. I have toned down the lighting because the flash reflected off of the moisture on the leaf giving lots of specular highlights. Had I not used artificial light the photograph would be dull, flat and many of the features lost. There are trade-offs in whatever you do in photography. My main objective is to capture what I see and/or convey a sense of context. The necessity for artificial light sometimes impedes getting things just right. After I was sure I had my photograph, I watched this critter; it just kept moving, never quite facing me, but moving randomly. Maybe it was searching for something.

Waning Flower (Two Photographs)

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This caught my eye when I was wondering around with my Olympus. For deliberate considered photography (e.g. when you have time to consider and adjust settings) this camera excels. That I prefer to work faster and not have to press-this button-turn that knob for every change of setting is solely my taste. DSLRs are easier to use when one wants to work quickly. The Olympus colors are great as is its capture of detail (thanks to the new 12-40mm lens). With that lens the camera weighs approximately as much as the Nikon D7200 with an 18-55mm lens; in overall size the Olympus is smaller. You either love this camera or you have issues with it. With the hundreds of configurations you would think one dial could be dedicated to ISO and the other to aperture or shutter speed. That said I am looking forward to doing some street photography with it when I do some traveling.

Waning Flower-2

Mallard and Ducklings (Two Photographs)

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When ducks are very young they tend to be herded or shy away from humans. This log appears to have been sufficiently far enough away for comfort. As we watched, the ducklings fell asleep, woke up and moved about while the mother kept a wary eye out and not just on the photographer. I think in the second photo she is teaching them to stand on one leg.

Mallard and its Chicks-2

A Touch of Local

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There is a lot of “photoshopping” here: removal of an electrical wire, removal of a blue trash can on the right, and some detail and other adjustments. When making adjustments like this I try to stay as natural as possible and only remove things that are distracting or otherwise mar the capture I was after. I had been by this place many times before but my photos were never quite right, every time I passed through I tried again. There is a story to the place, I have no idea what it is but I hope the photograph sparks a bit of thought.

A Friendly Hairstreak (Three Photographs)

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I have had some luck with butterflies and this one had character. Often with butterflies you just hope they will stop and stay still awhile. One thing you don’t expect is for them to land and wander about on a leaf coming towards you. So while I wished it had stayed longer it’s a unique circumstance to have a butterfly be curious or not fly away at the slightest movement. The whole episode may have lasted a minute or two but it was interesting.



A Fortuitous Moment

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This picture took seconds to post process, it is as close to out of the camera perfect as I have ever taken. I give kudos to the model who chose the right side of the branch and a posture appropriate for the occasion. Small birds are seldom so cooperative and this Flycatcher seems to know the drill. Taken on a lovely summer day.

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