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The painted turtles were out sunning themselves a lot earlier than any of us anticipated. They are not yet as cute as they will get as the summer progresses. Eventually everything will go green and the painted turtles will be an important part of the natural theater. Photographing turtles is never easy, their shells almost always reflect back the sun, and their faces are hard to focus on because of their dark nature and small size. The former can be edited to a degree and the latter takes a bit of skill to get into position for the best light. It’s worth it because painted turtles do not “smile”, they have a consistent disgruntled if not angry look that adds to their charm.

Guarded (Two Photographs)

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No doubt on first glance you will miss the female wood duck standing beside the male. My best efforts to enhance her outline do not do her justice. There are many admonitions against busy photographs, have a look at Cartier-Bresson’s work; often there is much more going on than first meets the eye in many of his photographs. In his photograph of a man leaping over the puddle there is a very similar poster in the background. Not being Cartier-Bresson, I wish the female had not been there, the photo would be cleaner. The title speaks to the female bird being guarded from the melee around her and to my own thoughts about the issue of busy photographs. In the second photograph you can see the female more clearly, I still prefer the first shot.

Guarded 2


Enjoying the Afternoon (Ethics of Feeding Wild Animals)

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There is a whole ethical debate about the feeding of animals in the wild. By the time spring comes around there is no need to feed squirrels, there is a lot for them to eat. However, you can see that the winter has led to expectations and they hang about hoping for an easy meal, this does not last long though. Nothing people can feed them matches what they can get in the wild.

A True Sign of Spring

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When the painted turtles come up to sun themselves I know that spring has arrived. This photograph was edited in Lightroom and Photoshop (for simple post production and sharpening), with Nik Color Efx Pro (for detail work) but the monochrome filtering was done in Macphun’s Tonality Pro.

Out and About

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Garter Snakes are an uncommon sight most of the year, but in the spring when they come out of hibernation to enjoy the first warmth they are easily spotted and for the most part move slowly. I heard from a person who was interested in garter snakes who was assured that they were not dangerous. He noted from experience, though, that they can bite. I get close to them, but like most snakes they are more scared of me than I am of them. One point about this photograph, it took some time to get a shot where the tongue showed, my subject was not very cooperative.

Oblivious (Three Photographs)

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Small woodpeckers, like most birds, will fly away if you get too close unless of course they have found a great treasure trove of food. Spring opens up opportunities for all, and in this case for a Hairy Woodpecker, who politely ignored me long enough for these shots.





Female Wood Duck Portrait

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I take every opportunity to get a detailed portrait against a nice background. You can overdo the worrying about backgrounds, and often great ones are hard to come by, but you make use of depth of field, angle etc. to make improvements. More dramatic processing can be used to improve the background but that is a matter of taste.

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