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Trials (Two Photographs)

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I call these trials because I moved away from usual colour calibration of Adobe Standard to the film options in Fuji (Astia Soft to be exact). There are hundreds if not more options to choose in processing photographs, and every once in a while I want to try something new. I often find that any time I stray from the Adobe Standard calibration everything gets a bit too saturated. In the pond shot I used an unusual format to capture the part of the frame that I found interesting. Trials, experiments and new ideas, why not?

Not Minimalist (Three Photographs)

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I actually find it hard to do true minimalist photography. What’s simple about color, texture, and selective focus? This is more about getting a certain balance between all the elements in the shot including the subject but also colour, shadow, lighting etc. In the fall I cannot resist doing photography like this.

“Boat Sight” (Two Photographs)

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This is another public sculpture in Gatineau, Quebec.  It represents culture coming to nature, and it’s at the entrance to a park/trail, that follows the Ottawa River for quite some distance. The statue is not exactly well placed for good backgrounds, but I think that is the point. In one of the shots you just see the Peace Tower from Parliament Hill across the river in Ottawa (extreme right hand). The nuanced color of the sky has had an impact in the B&W, almost creating clouds. I minimized that as much as possible.

The Barn and Some Comments on Software (Three Photographs)

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The first photograph was processed in Lightroom. In the second the Lightroom version was sharpened in Photoshop, noise reduction and tonal contrast was done in a third-party app synchronized  and imported back to Lightroom; the changes are subtle but best seen in the detail of the leaves. The third took all that work into an HDR program where “a realistic approach was taken”. You can see the changes in the lighting of the leaves and color of the barn. It’s a matter of taste as to which is preferred. I normally only use what I need but I wanted to respond to a comment about why I use Photoshop and third-party apps. Lightroom is an all in one solution that suits many people, Photoshop has tools that permit greater flexibility and finer application, and is now partnered with Lightroom in Adobe’s cloud subscription.  The third-party apps do what can be done in Photoshop/Lightroom easier, or better. If cost is a factor, Nik software is still free  and has been obtained by DXO who say they will maintain the collection. With some exceptions unedited photographs are easy to identify, editing is a reality in photography and has been for the 100 or so years that photography has been around.


Framing (Two Photographs)

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I was walking around this lake looking for an angle, when It occurred to me that the best way to show off the perspective was framing, making sure that some of the foliage framed the other side of the lake. While the first shot is a “full frame” the second while not as full does pretty much the same. I have fiddled with the shadows to increase the dynamic range (lightening the foreground). It might be a good time to use HDR but I felt the technique above worked just as well.

Special Effects (Three Photographs)

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My objective here was to create two black and white landscapes with a slight etched-like look. Technical details: I intensified the colors and contrast using neutral density filters in Lightroom (reducing the exposure and/or opening up shadows), before taking these into my black and white software (Tonality CK) where I emphasized the greens and added a little glow. The original overblown color version of one is included.


Balance in Photography (Two Photographs)

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Here is an explanation I found by googling balance in photography (no author was named)

“Compositional balance refers to the placement of the elements of art (color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value) in relation to each other. When balanced, a composition appears more stable and visually pleasing.”

My problem with this is the visually pleasing part. Balance and stability are just additional elements of a photograph that might have impact on the viewer and create interest.