Turtles Dictating

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Anthropomorphism is so much fun. Assigning our own story to the animals we see. You come across a scene like this where in which your subjects are all looking at each other and you are not sure if it’s a mugging, a talking down or an uprising. Somebody probably disturbed someone else and from there the staring began. The photograph was done in Tonality Pro.

Down Under

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Someone in commenting on my blog said that my insect photographs had made insects interesting. It was one of the best comments I have had. I do try to post interesting photographs, and more often than not insects prove to be good subjects. Ladybugs are mostly seen from the top their eyes, their jaws (mandibles) are seldom seen. In fact with many beetles getting a photograph of their eyes is a problem because they are located low down, almost under the carapace. Here I was trying to show some of that other “side” of the ladybug. Certainly not the traditional view of a Ladybug J


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Everyone loves a smile; even a grin makes a difference. With frogs I like to get close and get the eyes, close enough where my reflection might be seen in its eyes. Any frog that lets you approach is a prime candidate for a portrait and in some cases you can get very close before they have second thoughts. I often approach them on my knees and get within a few feet. Frog portraits, who knew?

Pollinator (2 Photographs)

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The bushes were beautiful and the addition of the marvelous bee with its golden wings was a fine compliment. The lighting worked making the background look like a soft blanket and highlighting the details. By now it’s instinct to know if a bee is going to be a problem or not (hint: they fly at you). This bee was fully engaged and my efforts at capturing it were ignored. The lighting is enhanced with fill flash emphasizing the artificial just a bit. Makes it hard to believe this was out-of-doors, but it was.



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As I have said before it’s not the simplest thing to shoot small birds and make sure there is a clean background and foreground. Without creating your own roosts, how can one guarantee the birds on clean branches? I know of one professional photographer that has set up branches off his office balcony and shoots birds “in the wild” from his desk and does it very well. As a downtown apartment dweller I will keep trying my luck in the forest because it’s a challenge and I am a sucker for a challenge.

Who did you think would win?

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I was in a field of these stalks of high grasses, and took a number of shots of meadow bugs until I came across this competitive set of climbers. I am not sure what the creature is on the left (looks like a Hollywood monster). This photograph stood out with the winner of the race seemingly taking a bow.

A Comment on Subject

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This photograph was taken on Canada Day in Ottawa. I was trying to capture the overall scene and hoped that the reflection in the balloons would be more noticeable. That aside, at events it is always great to capture that one indisputable photograph will clearly give the context to the story. While I think the color here is important, this photograph easily lent itself to a  softer Black and White treatment.


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