A Comment on Subject

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This photograph was taken on Canada Day in Ottawa. I was trying to capture the overall scene and hoped that the reflection in the balloons would be more noticeable. That aside, at events it is always great to capture that one indisputable photograph will clearly give the context to the story. While I think the color here is important, this photograph easily lent itself to a  softer Black and White treatment.


Who are you looking at? (Two Photographs)

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Most of the time we see birds after they have landed and we miss capturing the landing but sometimes get their back-end on departure. This is one of the first times I got a landing which was almost immediately followed by a stare, hence the title.

Who you looking at Kingbird-2


Hummingbird Moth (and a new Gallery)

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Hummingbird Moths are not rare and are often larger than this one. We returned to where we had seen one last year but failed to find another moth. Luckily a moth showed up at a garden in town and we had several minutes of it flying in an out of bushes at remarkable speed. In a case like this it is more by chance than intent that you get the better shots. Taking many pictures helps but you have only seconds to frame and capture your subject before it moves on and eventually that moving on means another field some distance away. So it’s a challenge to get one face on, eating nectar or in an interesting pose.

A Matter of Perspective (2 Photographs)

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At first it may be difficult to see that the photos are of the same thing but I can assure you that they were taken moments apart. The point is that slight changes in the angle of view can have dramatic effect. Similarly, with reflective water, waiting for a cloud to pass can dramatically alter a photograph like this. When space and time permit I try as many angles as I can.

A Matter of Perspective-2

A World of Color

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The impact of this photograph of a common fly is that it is in color. Regardless of whether it could be done in monochrome or not, sometimes color is part of the story. The fly is cleaning its sensors that help guide it. It also happens to be in the most colorful part of the garden in which the fly seems to be a regal figure.

The Perfect Bird

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I read this article about hints for wildlife photography; it was quite long and included suggestions on appropriate backgrounds, positioning etc. Although it was informative I could not see anyone remembering all of the “rules” in the field or indeed meeting many of them except by persistence, incredible skill and even more amazing luck. The article also mentioned substituting backgrounds to get rid of clutter (that seems like cheating to me). The robin above meets some of the criteria and while it’s a fine bird, there is no story, just a nod to its audience and for me that is enough.

A Fateful View

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It seems that no major city is without its human statue, costumed, standing remarkably still and only moving to surprise or reposition for another long wait. It seems like torture. This “statue” was found on Canada Day outside of a former railway hotel. This was the first time I had seen one of these statues appear somewhat menacing. The image was processed in both color and black and white. The black and white is for a collection I am working on.

A Fateful Meeting

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