Fly on Lace

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Some entomologists are disappointed by my focus on photography, rather than on the natural science of the insects (although I am truly interested in both). I try for the best possible photograph, and sometimes that makes the insect hard to identify. With hover flies like this identification is not an issue. Their odd nose reminds me of Droopy the Dog.

The Lake

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This is a photograph that I have taken many times of my favorite lake from almost the same spot. This time I decided to do it in Black and White. Normally I process the photo in color and the black and white treatment comes at the end. Apart from a few tweaks in Lightroom, and given its excellent tools, I went straight to Tonality Pro to finish this image.


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Here is an animal we have seen in abundance this year, usually running away, though I have a few shots like this where their curiosity got the better of them. We saw them chase much larger squirrels and on random wild races around the forest floor. Quite a sight!

Field and Tree

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This was another experiment in black and white. When I walked along the path and saw this tree, I knew it would be a challenge distinguishing it from the background. I processed it as a color photograph and then did the black and white processing; this enabled me to use some of my old techniques before using Tonality Pro’s detail extraction features.


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When not motoring at speed among the vegetation, Ladybugs can make for great subjects. As beetles go they seem to be one of the fastest in our region when they get their steam up. This specimen seemed to enjoy hanging upside down and I saw it in a number of spots before capturing it in a photograph.

Flowers and Tree

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It is odd to see flowers not facing the sun. I tried this photograph in color and for the most part it worked but black and white emphasizes the flowers better. I am continuing to play with Tonality Pro (Mac only), specifically the layers, and like Photoshop I start with a new layer, and only on the second layer begin my adjustments or effects. This software has a lot of hidden treasures, for example there are layer styles but only discoverable, if you click on the layer.

Black Crowned Night Heron

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The Night Herons have been rare this year. Normally these birds are an easy shot, a bit far out, but seldom spooked by an audience. Moreover they tend to have some character. In this case while the background was not ideal, I liked the fact that given the lines (tree trunks) it was hard to miss the subject.

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