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Special Effects (Three Photographs)

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My objective here was to create two black and white landscapes with a slight etched-like look. Technical details: I intensified the colors and contrast using neutral density filters in Lightroom (reducing the exposure and/or opening up shadows), before taking these into my black and white software (Tonality CK) where I emphasized the greens and added a little glow. The original overblown color version of one is included.


Dogs and Some Comments (Three Photographs)

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The best advice I was ever given on photography was to make more photographs. Emphasis on make. But from that advice came my habit of walking around with a camera whenever I could or was comfortable to do so and trying not to get to stuck on a specific subject. Over the years, while I have narrowed my subjects I never avoid an opportunity to take new or different things. I found these dogs on my walks around town, the shots were taken in B&W on my Fuji and processed in color and one filtered back to B&W. In the shot with a bicycle some errant feet were removed.


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L’Odyssée is the name of this work. I find it amusing. It’s in a park off a main street, facing a hotel that is linked to several government buildings. The photography was straight forward B&W. The artist duo Cooke-Sasseville describe this work below. I have had a chance to look at more of their work on-line and I like the whimsy. This work also makes for some great photography opportunities.

“A park is taken over by three oversized pigeons eyeing a Campbell’s soup can… These birds give the impression of not understanding how to open the can or not knowing that it contains a large amount of food. A reference to pop art and Andy Warhol, The Odyssey becomes the representation of the perceived impenetrable world for which contemporary art is often criticized.”

To the Left (Two Photographs)

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These were taken within a few feet of one another in a small town. Thematically, juxtapositions and commonalities can have impact. These two photos have one thing in common that links them regardless of subject. I have seen some great exhibits based on this premise. I suspect if these were in one room and on opposite walls, people would unconsciously connect them.

Balance in Photography (Two Photographs)

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Here is an explanation I found by googling balance in photography (no author was named)

“Compositional balance refers to the placement of the elements of art (color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value) in relation to each other. When balanced, a composition appears more stable and visually pleasing.”

My problem with this is the visually pleasing part. Balance and stability are just additional elements of a photograph that might have impact on the viewer and create interest.

All Art is Unique (Three Photographs)

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It is probably safe to say that the intention of every artist is to create something unique. Photography as an art is exactly the same, but outside of studio and scene work, we generally have a starting point to work from. Old buildings (see third photograph), can have a certain charm if they are not in your backyard. Many older buildings, specifically industrial ones had small windows. There is a certain resemblance to the paintings of Mondarin in the older weathered windows. Working with the texture, tone, colour, and framing, it’s possible to create something as unique as the original.


The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Three Photographs)

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On a road trip out-of-town we ran across these old buildings that reminded me of an old movie set. I wanted that old western style of photo. Gives a bit of character to the abandoned. The buildings are on a hill you pass just as you enter the town of Renfrew, Ontario. Given the location one would think something could be made of this location and buildings. They do have some character.