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Mushrooms (Two Photographs)

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I have not taken many photographs of mushrooms and have no idea what these are. I took them with my Fuji when I was experimenting with the light meter and the flexibility of the raw files in processing. It takes time to get used to a new camera, especially the light meter. Even working with different Nikon cameras I find it takes a bit of time to get used to how they handle exposure.


1915 (Two Photographs)

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I took several photographs of this mansion, while several people looked at me askance unsure of what I was shooting. But no one spoke to me. There were two things that struck me: the date 1915 and the shadows. I am hard-pressed to understand how a mansion like this was built in the midst of WWI. Using my Fuji I was able to get a balanced exposure where neither the sky nor the building were burnt out, but the shadows were retained. Neutral density filters are sometimes used in photography to darken the sky and lighten the foreground, but I did not have one with me. So most of this is the result of in camera efforts with detail extraction and some work with the color in post processing.

A Painting of A Cow (Two Photographs)

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This photograph is of the side of an art gallery I took with my Fuji XT-2. I am hard pressed to decide between the two versions. We are often faced with a blown out sky. Sometimes reducing the highlights gets back  a hint of blue,  maybe not a perfect blue but some blue. The important decision is about what kind of background you like and with some things a white background/white sky is the best option. For mood a more atmospheric background helps. The color version above is in fact a muted one shot HDR.




Peace Tower (Three Photographs)

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This is a piece of art near a major art gallery. The weather was threatening and these three photos show different ways in which I tried to bring the weather into play. The first a straightforward edit I simply reduced the highlights. The second color version was processed in Aurora HDR 2017, to give the weather and the whole picture a bit of a boost. The final B&W was done in Tonality Pro, and in this latter case I was able to exaggerate the weather and get more detail into the picture. I should also add this was taken with a Fuji XT-2, in this case the photo has not been cropped at all.



A Garden (Thee Photographs)

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I came upon these trees against the wall of a school. I took three photos of the garden: a color photograph that is pretty much as shot with all the discolorations etc.; a B&W version where I have been kinder to the garden than it deserved; and a third in B&W where I have been far less kind. In general, efforts to spruce up a building with planters like this show more of a love for concrete than for trees.



Abstraction (Two Photographs)

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Shooting reflections, puddles, and through colored glass as shown here gives large leeway for creativity. I was walking down a street and came across a plastic sculpture encased in ballistic glass. The effect on the background, of course, was of greater interest to me than the work of art. The masthead of my blog is a similar photo, a self-portrait taken in the window of a fire station with a fish eye lens. Abstract art and photography is popular in part because it gives room for imagination on the part of the viewer.


That Question (Three Photographs)

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This is not one of those rants about the forest and the trees. It’s about that question at every party and encounter when someone asks you what you do and you say photography. Their next question is what do you shoot? If you say nature photography then maybe they ask another more detailed question. The person that stops after the first question really doesn’t deserve a business card or the URL to your website. If they stop after the second question, it’s a good bet they have no idea what goes into photography, the cost in time, equipment and effort. Feel free to give them a URL, if they continue and ask if you do landscapes, birds or insects, give them your card. Some people seem to have little appreciation for the effort or love that goes into photography. These photos were taken with the Fuji XT-2.